Lessons from a Marathon Mum – What drives you in Business?

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Lessons from a Marathon Mum – What drives you in Business?

How running has been a metaphor for my business life? 




My new hydration backpack rests annoyingly on my back.

The sound of 1.5 litres of liquid swirling around in its bladder.


How am I going to run for 3 hours with this on my back?


After a short time, the swishing and swoshing became more of a metaphor for life in that moment. I need this electrolyte drink to survive my run, replenish lost nutrients and of course recover well. It was my life force and without it I wouldn’t have performed well or felt good.

As I do when I’m running, I spend a lot of time thinking. And as a small business owner I am naturally always drawn to my business. My best ideas come from my running time. It was in this moment, that this hydration back pack became a different metaphor for me…it reminded me how I felt in the early days as a full time business owner.

Although this time it wasn’t the sound of a drink swirling around grinding at me.

It was the deafening sound of  desperately wanting to make an income in my business. I remember being so consumed by it. I was constantly driven and motivated by the dollars. And when the income didn’t come as quickly as I expected, motivation, belief and focus diminished. I felt so dejected that perhaps what I believed could be possible was not possible, nor would it pay the bills.

Being driven by the income took me away from my vision, my goal and my purpose for being in business in the first place. Everything felt difficult, challenging and confusing.

I was confused as to what my intentions were or what problem I was solving for my clients.

It wasn’t until I had a mentoring call that I was reunited with my vision and purpose.

It wasn’t driven by dollars.

I was driven by my own intrinsic motivations and wanting to make an impact on women who are where I was only a short year ago. Once I re-established my motivations I gained better clarity, I had greater focus and business suddenly became easier. My messaging was clear, my beliefs grew and the work flowed in.

Similarly, as I was in the midst of that 3 hour run, I re-aligned myself with my purpose for running. And more specifically my reasons for wanting to challenge myself with this 60km running event. I became focused on my breath and my stride. The hydration pack was purely a distraction, it was a necessary evil and it could’ve derailed my mindset at any moment. But I saw it for what it was, a means of being able to finish my run.

And much like in business I changed my relationship with the dollars. I saw the income as a means to survive, grow and live life as I wanted to. But the passion, purpose and impact was the breath of my business and this is what keeps me focused today.

I have grown to truly believe in the immense benefits you get when you can understand your values and purpose for everything that you do. If you would love to work through identifying your values and becoming clearer on your purpose and vision, feel free to contact me. I would love to work through this with you. Contact me at bemooreworkshops@gmail.com