What does embracing your passion look like?

Find Your Passion Day

What does embracing your passion look like?

We all dream to dream what it could be like living our greatest passions. We tend to go really big with our vision and then scare ourselves off from pursuing it. The idea of making drastic changes to our life for our own personal benefit always seems too hard.  I can guarantee that you are already embracing your passion in some shape or form but with some minor tweaks you could make it part of your life on a bigger scale.

You’ve just got to get out of your head and into your heart.

You will never regret building your life around your passion and heres why.

Having spent all of my childhood supporting my brother and sisters’ passion endeavours I never yearned for one for myself. I knew I was the academic of the family but I also know that this idea was ingrained in me from my family. I was uncoordinated, I lacked interest in doing sport, I was a bit of a princess and definitely a perfectionist, so being the academic was my fall back.

I do wonder had I not built these glass ceilings on my head where my passion could have taken me.

The closest I came to having my own passion was boundary umpiring my brothers football games, which showed me how completely un-sporty I was or my couple of games playing girls football at school which again did not suit me.

But fast forward to my 20s and my desire to want to do something was changing. I’m not sure what got me thinking about exercise but I found myself joining a gym, doing circuit classes, Les Mills Classes, walking etc. They were enjoyable but they were never my passion.

And I knew that because when I started running, I knew that this was for me.

I was drawn to running because I was in awe of the people who could do it. I thought I couldn’t run. It was this point in my life that I yearned for a passion, something that I could call my own and do it because it was fun. That was my mid 20s, 10 years ago. And now today, I am a fully fledged runner who gets totally lost in it, loves challenging myself with extreme running goals and just knows that running has given me my sanity especially since being a mum.

So, what does it look and feel like to have your own passion?

  • It’s totally fun! I know running marathons is not everyone’s idea of fun. But I seriously have fun doing it. I love trying new running tracks, different distances and paces, trying new things. It makes you feel like a child again. Like you part of something bigger than yourself.
  • You belong to something. One of our greatest needs is to belong and be connected. Humans are hardwired this way from the very early days of life. When you have a passion you find yourself morphed into a new world of other people who have similar passions. You become part of a group, you support and motivate each other and most all you make new friends. With the digital age we live in, you can connect and be part of groups virtually these days.
  • Find your true self. As Dr Seuss quoted, “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Through your passion you will learn about yourself. What you enjoy. What you need. Why you do it and most of all what is most important to you. You start to understand what drives and motivates you and what you want to achieve in your life.
  • Learn what you are capable of. Passions know no boundaries. When you have a passion you start to develop ideas of the things you can do, the places you can go and the goals you can achieve. Bit by bit your confidence grows and your desire to constantly learn, grow and develop through your passion becomes a much desired need.
  • You will become a master at time. One of the biggest barriers to embracing our passions is the perceived lack of time we all talk about. I can tell you that when you have a passion you become a time management whiz. You are so much more focused on your priorities, you sacrifice “things” that don’t mean as much and you become a scheduling hero. You make it part of your routine and just like work and home life it becomes part of your day, week, month and year.  

All in all there are a lot of things to be gained from having your own passion. The points above all contribute to one’s health and wellbeing and by making your passion a priority you are making your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health your priority, whether you realise it or not.

Find Your Passion Day, November 16th – Embrace the passion inside you.  

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