The Rise and Rise of the Biz Mum

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The Rise and Rise of the Biz Mum

They say that being a mum gives you some sort of super power, like we’re these inhuman creatures that can do it all.

I somewhat agree, but I also disagree. You see I think the reason we look like we can do it all is because of the expectation society, others and ourselves put on us. We are put on a pedestal that we should act like a 1950s housewife, whilst working, looking fabulous and all without a wrinkle on our face or body.

It is ludicrous to think this is achievable and crazier to think we can do this without a detriment to our health and sanity. On the other hand, I know countless mothers who have gone on to create their own definition of doing it all by starting their own business.

When I entered the small business world, I was a mum to a 1 and half year old. I was struggling with the working mum juggle. I was yearning for something that would give me meaning and fulfilment in my life outside of the family home. I hated that I was turning into a robotic role model for my daughter. Worse still, I  was reflecting someone who was stressed, unhappy, unfulfilled and constantly rushing around.

And so the side hustle Mumpreneur was born.


I didn’t realise it at the time but I embarked on a world of possibility, endless dreams, chosen paths, meaningful living, flexibility and driven goals. I was mesmerised by it and by them. The woman who had taken the plunge before me, the one in start up with me and the one who was dreaming tirelessly about it.

It spurred me on even more to make a go of it. It drove me to learn and develop. Whats more it encouraged me to kick those society expectations of how mums should live, work and raise their kids. The latter has been a phenomenal shift in my mindset, thinking and actions that it has totally reshaped my relationships, my networks and my outlook on life.

So, why are more and more women turning to this lifestyle?


Control, passion, freedom, flexibility, meaning, purpose, role modelling and contributing to the community. They see others living like they were. They see young women who are embarking on motherhood. They see their daughters who will one day walk this road and they want to make a difference.

Make a difference to themselves, their kids, their family, their life for the greater good of other women.


There is a new type of sisterhood developing within our community and it is shaped on the brain power, skills, knowledge, experience and connections within business. Women want to raise women up. Mothers want to motivate other mothers. And most importantly women want to belong and be part of something, a group, a business again. Because from what I know and hear from others, this is what is lacking when women return to their 9 to 5 jobs after becoming a mum.

I think the real super power us mums have is that we have embarked on a world of raising and nurturing another human, But in the face of the expectations on us, we have laughed in the faces of others who dare tell us that we can’t possibly do a good job whilst juggling kids or that we can not make an honest income without the help of our partner.

We have discovered untouched skills and if we don’t have them, we create them. And we build on our mother skills and put this into practise by raising and nurturing our businesses like they are our children.

I hear a lot about how lucky we are that women can start their own business, when times were so different not so long ago. I actually don’t think it comes down to luck, I think it is purely driven from our ability to build on our skills as mothers and nurture our creative, passionate, adventurous, business side. We are driven by making an impact and setting great example for our kids and we lead and grow with love, that only a mother can.


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