“Our energy flows, where our attention goes”

“Our energy flows, where our attention goes”

Whenever I visit my website I am instantly reminded of the power of this quote and it is the exact reason why I have it on my home page. I want you to be inspired by it.

I instantly loved this quote when I heard it 12 months ago for the very first time. Perhaps, like me you may have known this quote put another way, when you “put your mind to something”…. things happen. If you are anything like me you will stop at nothing to ensure that you work your hardest to achieve your dream, goal or vision. And my vision here is to equip you with insights, tools and practises that will help you Grow More, Live More and Be More You.

You might be thinking, why? Why do I care? Well, had you asked me 18 months ago I probably wouldn’t have cared as much as I do today. Of course I was genuinely interested in people being well and healthy but fast forward to today and my want and drive to help and work with others is so profound that it has changed my life. That’s a big statement, because I didn’t think anything could have changed my life as much as becoming a mother. But it has been a result of me becoming a mother which has motivated me to be a better version of myself and opened my eyes to want to help others to be better versions of themselves.

I am relaunching my workshop offering at Be Moore and am now putting my energy into introducing you to the insidious term Stress.  It’s a relatively small word, which has big impacts on our health and wellbeing. And it wasn’t until I started studying in this space that I understood that what I have experienced since becoming a mother, juggling life and returning to work was stress. It wasn’t your stereotypical stress rather it was the hidden stress of juggling my new life and existence. It had detrimental effects to my overall vibes as a woman, wife, mother, friend, daughter – it drove me to rush around like a busy bee, live in the future and not just enjoy the simple things or moments I was living.

I made a strong decision to make a change in my life and realised that I was the only one who could turn my thought processes around.

Here are some of the things I did in those early days to follow my heart’s deepest desires and get back to being more me.

– I used goal setting for change – I set one massive life changing goal and that all evolved around my work. I do not enjoy the rush that being a working mother has brought with it so I decided to set a goal that I was going to make a change. This has driven my energy to focus on this one task and ensure I invest heavily in the tasks I need to do to make that happen.

– I started my own small business – Possibly not for everyone but I had always had a burning desire that I wanted to work for myself. The skills, knowledge and insights I have gained from starting a business has been mind blowing. Its challenging but the reward definitely outweighs everything.

– I reignited a passion – I am a runner and have been before I became a mother. It was the one constant in my life but it had its low periods during early motherhood and has evolved to so much more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. And it has allowed me to branch out to other activities such as cycling and swimming. My health is my focus, mind and body.

– I used learning to expand my mind – Learning is so powerful to fuel joy, creativity, happiness and passion in your life, particularly when you are so interested in the topic. I encourage you to learn, even if it is not in a traditional learning space. Pick up a book, research online, connect with businesses and people – there is so much to learn everywhere, everyday!

– Live in the moment being present has been a huge learning process for me. It involves being completely tuned to the task or activity that you are doing. It’s not getting distracted. It’s not thinking about what you need to do or haven’t done or feeling guilty because you should be doing something else.  We spend too much time in the future rather than enjoying where we are today. Meditation and Mindfulness is a great practise to help be in the moment. It allows you to connect with your body and breath. Once you start to feel the benefits of mindfulness you will start to notice times when you are not present and you can gently remind yourself to live in the moment.

What things could you do to follow your heart’s desires and Be More You?

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