Lessons from a Marathon Mum – Belonging in Life & Business

Marathon mum

Lessons from a Marathon Mum – Belonging in Life & Business

“You belong where ever you want to belong”

2015 my second marathon this time and I had the pleasure of training with a close friend. She was embarking on her first marathon. I was so bloody excited to be able to train with her and see her achieve this goal. We spent Sunday long runs running up to 3 hours at times.  We barely had a silent moment. We would talk and talk and talk…about anything and everything.

Reflecting back on this time, I realised that I felt such an immense connection and sense of belonging with her because we were in it together. As much as we were running individually we were supporting, motivating and guiding each other. We went on to join a running group and again that sense of belonging was injected tenfold. The runners I connected with were part of something bigger than us. Bigger than our goal and as a collective we shared in our achievements and motivate each other.

When I made the move to life as a full time business owner it was natural that I would seek out a support crew, my own business running group.


Not having the daily contact with people was a challenge.


As a solo business owner, it also encouraged to get out there and make contact with people to find a tribe I could belong too.

I made contact with women in the area, went on countless coffee meet ups and joined co-working spaces. I had a need to belong to a group and fill a void of no co-workers around me. Some connections were great and continue to thrive, others have not. And that is OK. As owners and people we need to surround ourselves with like-minded people who share similar values, styles and beliefs so that we can support each other.

Similar to bringing a group of runners around me, I have forged my own path and surrounded myself with other business owners, particularly other mums who know the juggle. I know with just a phone call they will support me, inspire me and share my wins and those pesky down times. It can be a lonely path chasing your dreams, running or business, but when you have people around you who have been there, are there or planning to go there you don’t feel so alone. You know the saying, “twos company, threes a crowd” well I say “twos company, threes a tribe”.


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