Lessons for a Marathon Mum – Manage your time

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Lessons for a Marathon Mum – Manage your time

Time – all we have is time.


We know the quotes, the sayings, the many meanings of time and the present moment. Majority of us though, don’t value our time or use our time wisely. Rather, we fill our time with things so that we feel like we’re getting the most out of it no matter the cost to our health, wellbeing and sanity.

The biggest lesson running marathons has given me, if not the biggest, is how to prioritise my time.

How to focus my time on the things that matter most.


Training for a marathon is no small feat, its about an 16 – 18 week training campaign. Its not just running every day. It might be 4 runs a week, some strength, recovery and don’t forget sleep. When we are bogged down with “so much to do”, we automatically forgo sleep. Its like its a non-event and we’ll catch up when things are less busy.

It doesn’t work that way. The only thing we feel is irritable, tired, fatigued, lacking energy and think honestly what your eating habits are like when you’re tired. Its a vicious circle.

So, scrimping on sleep is a no-no for marathon training. I need to have energy. I need to rest my muscles so they can recover. I need to be and feel healthy, not just for my running but my family too. Just because I am chasing a personal goal, it doesn’t mean I can’t still give them the best part of me.

How can you thrive in life?


As a mum, woman, human it can be a task juggling all things we need to do in life. It takes time. All of our time. The only way you can make it work, is by prioritising your time. Making time for work, activity, health, eating well and of course sleeping. You need focus and drive to stay true to valuing your time and you need to stay committed to looking after yourself, no matter what you have to do.

The big lesson around time is understanding what is most important to you. This is about knowing your values. When I am training, I know that running, health, family and work are my priorities. If I can fit anything else in, then I will when I can. If not, then this is my focus. This is where my energy goes and if that means sacrificing other things that won’t serve me and my goals then they have to be pushed to the side for the moment. Its not a forever sacrifice, its a “not now” sacrifice. Who knows you may even come to realise that some sacrifices are not that important to you anyway.

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