Leigh White

What should we know about you?
Leigh is married with two teenage children and has two decades experience in corporate and not-for-profit marketing management and mentorship.
Why Leigh is committed to transforming women’s lives?
Although Leigh was driven, successful and felt fulfilled, a defining moment changed her trajectory to exactly where she is today – coaching women to be truly empowered and be authentic in every way. That defining moment in Leigh’s life happened in 2006 when she lost her brother to suicide. She didn’t see it coming and her world stopped overnight. Leigh questioned everything and realised her brother had previously been suggesting she reduce stress and do less and she hadn’t listened. But in stillness of his absence came clarity and she began to ‘hear’ him and realised she wasn’t living the life she truly wanted at all.
Leigh learnt to grow through tragic loss and change her thinking. Leigh co-founded a registered harm prevention charity (www.wingsofhope.org.au) which continues today. She dug deep and rebuilt her life, listening to her calling as a teacher to others. Today, Leigh is trained in Mental Health First Aid and has spoken at Universities and community groups. Leigh hosts annual goal and intention setting workshops for her coaching clients. 
What was your greatest hobby, passion or pass time as a child? 
Writing and horse riding are two I remember well. I am a born and bred book-lover and have always enjoyed the written word and visiting galleries too. I was a competitive horse-rider until nearly 18 years of age and still do this regularly.
Do you think your childhood passion has played a part in shaping you today?
Yes! Both writing and horse riding were very individual pursuits for me and I enjoy time alone, but most fulfilling part is sharing my work with the world through coaching people or writing articles and teaching.
Did you put any expectations on yourself growing up when it came to your hobbies or passions?
I was very focused and organised, and I repeatedly showed up for my passion for horse riding, every single day. I didn’t stable/agist my horse like others did, so I was responsible for all feeding, cleaning and care, plus the exercise and training. This self-discipline and commitment is still with me today.
Tell us a bit about your passion today
My passion is to guide women through transforming their lives from ‘overwhelm’ to clarity, happiness and successfully reach their goals. Through my own journey growing up, experiencing relationship break down and very common ‘learning curves’, I began to increase self-awareness and become very focused on personal development and ‘who’ I would become. Making a contribution in the community is a very big part of what motivates me, and taking my skills as a listener and a natural teacher and bringing these to the coaching practice brings me enormous fulfillment. It’s definitely why I get up in the morning, along with my family (another passion of mine!)
What does it mean to you to be living this passion?
I feel purposeful and connected to my values, so I’m very rewarded and basically, feeling joyous on a regular basis! That is really saying something about a person, me, who has overcome devastating loss and feeling like giving up. Being in your passion is so important to having a fulfilling and happy life.
What is one thing you would love other women to know about finding, creating or living your passion?
If you think back to when you were young, you will find some clues as to what you love to create or experience! Journaling is the most powerful tool I’ve come across to not just connect into the inner world, where you discover about your passion direction, but to be able to look back and reconnect with past ideas or insights and develop very meaningful creative plans or ideas. Try journaling this year!
Do you have any advise for other women to help them find or create their passion?
Journaling is not only a powerful way to discover your passion, but also to begin to take small steps to have more of your passion in your life. Start small and grow!
If you would love to know more about Leigh and the incredible work she is doing, take a look at her website at www.leighwhite.com.au and her founding charity www.wingsofhope.org.au
Melbourne Health coach