Learn to laugh more… my tips for bursting into laughter

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Learn to laugh more… my tips for bursting into laughter

When was the last time you had a good old fashioned laugh that your stomach hurt so much, tears streamed down your cheeks and you desperately had to cross your legs in case of a little accident.


I have been renowned for totally losing my shit whilst laughing. One minute I’ll be smiling and then next I can barely breathe, I’m crying and I’m almost convulsing with insatiable laughter. And I have to say I feel incredible after a great laugh, it is like a build-up of life, stress and seriousness comes oozing out of me and I feel 10 years lighter. It’s no wonder experts want to share with us that the wellbeing of our mind relies on laughter.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “laughter is the best medicine” and I truly believe that it is! It can lighten you mood, boost your energy, improve your state of mind and overall wellbeing tremendously. Similarly, laughter yoga teacher, Jackie Curran from Laughter Lawyer shares that laughter gives a “really strong burst of oxygen through the body and this helps to energise the body and mind, and boost the immune system”. How incredible from a simple, natural human act that we can get all of that goodness. 


So, when was the last time you had a good chuckle?


Being in the company of my daughter, I am envious at how much she laughs. She finds anything and everything funny, so much so that she ends up in fits of laughter. According to Lesley Lyle, founder of Laughter Business children can laugh between 300 – 500 times each day, adults on the other hand laugh an average of 15 times a day. You can see why I am envious of my daughter’s ability to see the funny side of everything. But as a positive for me, laughter is contagious so when she laughs I always find myself laughing with her.


Would you love to incorporate more laughter into you life?

Here are some of my ideas for how below:

  • Join Laughter Yoga Workshop or Training
  • Watch a good comedy – The Hangover always gets me.
  • Hang around funny people
  • Listen to other people laugh
  • Join in with your children whilst their laughing
  • Play a harmful prank
  • Tickle wars
  • Play with your kids – hide and seek in my house is a favourite
  • Dance around the house
  • Learn to see the funny side of things
  • See a live comedy show

If you would love to learn how you can incorporate more laughter into your life, I offer one-to-one and group wellness coaching packages. Check out my packages here. Or contact me to for your free 15 minute complimentary 15 minute breakthrough session.