Jacinta Richmond

What should we know about you?
The single mother of a 17 year old girl who is about to head off on gap year. I am the founder and director of the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival and I am passionate about finding the potential in others and the salt water.
What was your greatest hobby, passion or pass time as a child? 
Barbie, Swap cards & playing in the pool
Do you think your childhood passion has played a part in shaping you today?
Absolutely. I am the director of a fashion week (thanks Barbie) & the passion that saved me is surfing (thanks swimming in the pool)
Tell us a bit about your passion today
I was a shopaholic, until I discovered surfing. Given that I run a fashion week, surfing took over my passion for clothing in all manner of lifestyle. I had always wanted to learn to surf (thank you Puberty Blues, the movie) until one day, another mum at school said she too was keen to learn. School drop off followed by a lesson and I was hooked. I no longer had time to shop! I purchased a surf board, and come Winter, a wetsuit, and all I needed to shop for then was surfboard wax (which everyone kept giving me for my birthday and Christmas – bonus!).
What does it mean to you to be living this passion?
Surfing has ignited a crazy love for the surf, the waves, the taste of salt, the feeling of exhaustion wiping through your body and those long waves that take you all the way into shore where you can just step off.
What motivates and drives you to keep this passion alive?
Sunrise surfs with my neighbour soon took over my life (& ensures we keep it up as we are accountable to each other at such an early hour when you really want to roll over and sleep) and the surf at sunrise remains my exercise, my me time, how I keep in shape, the air I breathe and the way I clear my head. It changed my life and my daily routine. My passion has made me a better person.
What are some of the challenges you have faced or do face in pursuing your passion? How have you overcome these?
The last 2 years have been hard to keep the passion alive. I have broken my foot twice and then two fractures in my leg just before Christmas 2018 have kept me out of the water for long stints. I am also a very crap surfer, I just have fun, so when I injure myself (through no fault of surfing), I get scared to get back into the water in case I damage something that has only just repaired. My accountable neighbour is the key. She gets me into the water and as I swim, I see her catch waves, the envy kicks in and so does the who cares about getting hurt mentality. When I have been out of the water for awhile (like I am right now on crutches due to the fractures and will be for another month or so more), I get that stir crazy that the need to get out over comes any challenges and when I have the go ahead, there will be no stopping me.
What is one thing you would love other women to know about finding, creating or living your passion?
Just do it for you. If it let’s you breath, if it let’s you start your day in a better space, then just do it. It really doesn’t matter what it is. It’s about you.
Do you have any advise for other women to help them find or create their passion?
If you would get up before dawn to do it, you have found your passion. If you get cranky because you haven’t done it in week, you have found your passion.
Melbourne Health Coach