How working with me will change your life?

Health coach for mums

How working with me will change your life?

Coaching is a fairly new form of health intervention.

Wellness Coaches are even more unknown but its one which is expanding across the globe with the drive and commitment of someone like Coach Meg who is an international leader in improving the standards of health and wellness coaches.

Typically when a person is looking to create positive mental and emotional changes in their life, a health “expert” is usually sought in the form of counselling, consulting or education. A coach however is a more collaborative approach where the individual is empowered to take responsibility for their own life and choices. (Wellness Coaching Australia, 2018).

There are many different options available to the community such as Life Coach, Executive Coach, Sports Coach, Fitness Coach, Food Coach. My passion is for Health and Wellness Coaching. All coaching forms draw on similar principles, but they all specialise in their chosen field.

A Health and Wellness coach has a primary focus of helping clients establish health-promoting mental and physical behaviours that are aligned with fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress management and life satisfaction (Moore, Jackson & Tschannen-Moran, 2016).

To put it simply wellness coaching is a holistic approach to helping someone make changes or improvements to their life. We understand that there are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors which will affect our optimal health and wellbeing. We address the needs of the whole person and use confidence building and behavioural principles to help people make long lasting life changes.

How will my coaching work?

You will use me as your facilitator or partner in your quest to meet your desired needs. I will help you through questioning and visioning to help you generate a new self-concept. Who is your best self? I will engage your mind and heart to help you discover your strengths, values, set your priorities, overcome perceived obstacles and most of all encourage personal accountability.

You will be in the driver’s seat and I will be your passenger guiding you along the way.

What can you expect from me?

Melbourne health coach for mums

I will help you identify what your life would like if you created the change you wanted.

Be inspired to dream that everything is possible

Receive guidance to take action and move you from your Point A to your desired Point B.

And most of all I will get you to a point where you have created new habits that you can not imagine being back where you were.

There is a body of research proving that wellness coaching is improving life satisfaction, reducing stress and anxiety and improving overall health and wellbeing. It is evident that addressing the whole person is working and that our health and wellbeing although critical to goes beyond just diet and exercise. It is a process with wins and “ah-ha” moments along the way. But it is also a process that welcomes challenges so that you can master your new behaviours. Because where there are challenges there are new learning experiences…

…And this is where the flourishing begins!

If you would love to learn more about my coaching packages, take a look here or contact me direct to customise a program for you.

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Health coach for Mums