How a Health & Wellness Coach can help you

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How a Health & Wellness Coach can help you

In this Millenium of technology and quick information you could say that we are overloaded with news, tips, advice and information.

Every topic or question is literally answered with our fingertips tapping the keyboard, generally asking Dr Google. But given the amount of information out there how do we know what is right or what is wrong.

My own experiences with google is that it normally leads me to blow everything out of proportion and I fly off on a tangent down one path until I find another piece of information and I’m led down another path.  

There’s no denying it is useful to a degree. I think the best part of our ability to research is the access to services, businesses and individuals we may not have possibly come across back in the old days.

Personally, I think the biggest piece of information missing from the old Google Search is the how to get started, how to overcome obstacles and the how to keep motivation going.

This is where a Health and Wellness coach comes in perfectly. Behind the knowledge is a person who wants to support and motivate you, equip you with the “how to” tools and most importantly be there with you as you take on this change or improvement.

The Role of a Health and Wellness Coach aims to empower you to transform your life to be the happiest and healthiest you can be. The biggest learning I have had in becoming a coach is that we all need someone to guide us, educate us, coach or instruct us so that we can live our best life on our terms.

With that in mind a health and wellness coach:


  • Has the knowledge and the know how to help you achieve your goals and make the desired changes in your life.


Health and Wellness Coaches have the expertise and knowledge to be able to educate you and create programs to assist you in your goals. A coach recognises that you, the client are experts in your own life and we act simply as a guide and support to help you find the answers you are looking for. We also know when to refer you to a practitioner for expert advice which is outside of our coaching expertise.


  • Will keep your purpose at the forefront.


When making changes or introducing something new to your life it is easy to lose track of your why for creating this change in the first place. Your coach will keep this at the front of mind and when times get challenging or motivation wavers your coach will remind of your purpose behind this change.


  • Will help your defeat negative talk and thinking


Coaches are equipped with effective communication strategies to be able to listen actively, ask thought provoking questions and give you non-judgemental support. Coaches build a level of trust and rapport which helps clients, learn and experiment on their journey to optimal health and wellbeing. We will also help you determine what your optimal wellbeing looks like.


  • Will have you setting behavioural goals for lasting change


A Health and Wellness Coach will work with you to identify your areas of improvement, how important it is to you and then will help build your confidence to work at achieving that goal. Your goals will be broken down into bite sizes with your bigger vision in mind so that you are set up for success and not failure.

Your Health and Wellness coach will serve as a great source of accountability. Your coach will support and guide you in your endeavours to improve your wellbeing. And most importantly the reward and excitement you get from working with a Health and Wellness coach is undeniable.

Do you feel a coach would help you in your life changing pursuits?

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