Happiness lives here

Happiness lives here

The purpose of our lives is to be happy – Dalai Lama

What does the word purpose mean to you?

During the early months of motherhood, I would often question what life was all about. It sounds absurd doesn’t it? Because here I was in the midst of one of the greatest moments of my life. I embarked on the miracle of bringing a life to the world. A life that would be so heavily intertwined into my own. There were a lot of times I was at peace with the motherhood path, particularly during precious moments with my daughter but there were other times where I was so confused by the upheaval to my life.

What was to become of me now that I was a mother? What was to be my future now that I had a new job of caring for this beautiful creature? As much as my heart was filled with a new kind of love, something lacked in my life and I remember feeling terribly guilty for feeling that way. I couldn’t help think at times that there had to be more to this life. I understand now, that as a woman we are automatically built to care and nurture others. It is a beautiful quality us women all have, even if we think we don’t have it. My nurturing side was being maximised with a newborn baby, but my Type A personality side was non-existent. And like a caged up bear it longed to escape. I spent far too long studying and working to break down glass ceilings in my life and career to now all of a sudden ignore the ambitious and driven side of me. I was happy but I realised that the purpose of life is also about being true to ourselves and following our greatest desires.

After 18 months into running my own small business, I’ve now learnt that my purpose in life revolves around having a passion and having a lifestyle that promotes fun, reward, challenge and self achievement. There is no denying that navigating all the facets of life is challenging but these parts of life are a given – growing up, studying, working, getting married, being married, being a parent etc. My definition of a challenge is something that propels you so far out of your comfort zone that you forget what your comfort zone is. Some may call it being in a state of “flow” where you are completely consumed by a task or activity, without the regard of fear, worry or anything else around you. 

There are so many things that we can do in our life to find this state of flow and seek utter happiness. So many career choices, so many hobbies, sports and passions. But how do you know what yours is? How do you suddenly find a passion and take the plunge more importantly to do it.

It’s got to start with the decision to make a change or do something. This can only come from you and understanding what is important to you. Knowing your core values helps you make decisions on actions to take. For example, if health is part of your core values then perhaps it’s starting walking, going to the gym or running. Or if creativity is important to you, perhaps it’s doing something that nurtures your creative side like clothes making, painting, writing. There are so many options.

Once you have made the decision, you need to take the action. This will be the hardest step but once you do it the rewards, the learnings and the personal growth will be nothing like you have experienced. Following your heart’s truest desires can be achieved and can be achieved by simply allowing yourself to not sell yourself out. Dig deep, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Everyday I now make sure I am true to myself and allow myself to be immersed in my passions. If it’s not through my running, where I am training for the New York Marathon it’s through my two small businesses where I utilise my gift of nurturing to motivate and inspire others. I draw upon my mother overwhelm and stress into a life of purpose that hopes to make a difference in other people’s lives, as well as my family’s and my own.