Getting out of the house with twins.. is it even possible?

Getting out of the house with twins.. is it even possible?

Getting out of the house with one baby can be daunting and going anywhere with twins can certainly come with its challenges. But it is possible! From before I was pregnant I swore I would never be one of those people that ‘changed’ when they had kids, you know the ones that never leave the house, suggest dinner plans at 5pm and are always franticly rushing around whenever you do manage to see them? I know I was a little naive and things definitely do change when kids come along but you don’t have to leave your old life behind completely, you can still be you.

My darling girls, Paislee & Summer

These are some tips of things I do to get me and the tribe out of the house

  1. Have the nappy bag packed the night before

This is hard for someone like me who is a fly by the seat of my pants type of gal but with twins that’s just not realistic. I’m out pretty much every day with the girls’ cos ya know, cabin fever! So, every night I make sure the nappy bag is restocked with nappies, wipes, clean clothes if we’ve had an accident, toys and snacks for me (super important that you look after yourself to mummas!). The girls are still breastfeeding so I don’t need bottles or snacks but for those that do my advice is to have snacks ready to go the night before. You can even get these ready at the beginning of the week and have them portioned up in zip lock bags in the freezer. Anything you can do while your partner is around on the weekend in terms of food prep will help you save time during the week!! Speaking of organisation, make sure EVERYTHING is ready the night before – formula dispenser, bottles, expressing equipment, water bottle for you – so in the morning you only need to worry about getting the kids dressed and in the car! If I’m going to be out early in the morning I also have the girls’ outfits set out on the change table ready to go so there’s no faffing about in the morning. I’ve said it a lot but seriously I can’t emphasis it enough.. have as much ready the night before as you can. It will save you when mummy brain, sleep deprivation and screaming babies kick in.

What my nappy bag has in it.. See the specifics here


  1. Keep what you can in the car

Our pram pretty much never leaves the car so this means when I leave the house it’s one less thing I need to think about. I also keep a set of blankets in the car for when it’s cold and a rug for them to lay on so I don’t need to worry about carting this stuff in and out of the house each trip. Keep a set of toys in the car as well, it’s great for distracting them while driving and they’ll be entertained more by something they don’t see all the time. The baby carrier is permanently in the car as well (you’ll see why below) and I actually keep a spare set of nappies in the glove box just in case!


  1. Always take the baby carrier with you

Yep, even when they are fast asleep in the pram and you’re only popping into the shops for 10 minutes cos you can be sure this is the time one of them will lose it. I always keep the Ergo 360 in the back of the car and every time we go somewhere it’s in the bottom of the pram, just in case. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve been out on a walk, down at the shops or walking to an appointment and one of the girls has screamed their head off until I pick them up. Trying to push a pram, hold shopping and a screaming child is hell so if you’ve got the baby carrier at least your hands are free and bubs feels safe, and will hopefully (hopefully!) stop screaming.

  1. Do some practice runs

In the early days, I hated leaving the house in fear I would get stuck somewhere with 2 screaming babies and no one to help me so I decided to go on small trips to places where I knew there would be someone to support me. I started off by going to friends’ houses that lived close by and usually friends with kids so if I forgot anything I’d be covered. Self-assurance is a huge thing in motherhood so any small act you can do to help yourself really goes a long way. As I got more confident I ventured further and honestly as cliché as it sounds before I knew it, I was nailing it like a boss!! Practice really does make perfect and as your babies grow they’ll feel more relaxed about different environments so they’ll be at ease.

  1. Plan your trips around feed/sleep times (where possible)

My girls hated the car from when they were first born, it was a nightmare! They just screamed until we stopped and they were picked up, so to make things easier I planned our trips in the car around the times they would sleep. I made sure both were fed and fully burped so there wouldn’t (shouldn’t!) be any issues with them getting to sleep. Now that they are a lot better in the car I can do some trips with them awake but I still make sure they are fed, otherwise it’s like Armageddon. To give you an example of how I plan an outing around feed/sleep times is our trip to Mums & Bubs Fitness on Tuesdays. It doesn’t start until 11am but the girls usually nap around 9am so that’s when I hop in the car and make my way there. I take the long, long way there and still usually arrive 45 minutes early but that’s the perfect amount of time I need to feed and change both babies before class starts. Yes, it’s a little inconvenient having to leave 2 hours early but not nearly as inconvenient as it would be to wake them, pull them out of the cot, try and rush a feed before we needed to leave. I’m all about what’s easiest!


My biggest tip though mummas is to have faith in yourself and your babies. Like everything, this too will take some time getting used to and getting into the groove of what works best for you!

Remember, no one is perfect, we’re all failing forward – the day I wrote this I left the nappy bag at home when we went out for dinner! #mumlife


These are just some tricks that have helped me and hopefully they can help you!


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Rose Ellis is a first-time mum to twin girls, Summer and Pailsee. Married to her high school sweetheart, Rose is a stay at home mumma and business babe running an online business coaching women on their health goals. She blogs about the whirlwind that is motherhood, her love for health and wellness and is passionate about creating a space for mumma’s to feel empowered, motivated & inspired to live a life completely fulfilled with who they are.