About find your passion day

Embrace Your Passion - find your passion day, november 16th

Founded by Natalie Moore, Find Your Passion Day is about encouraging women to Find and Embrace their Passion to fuel a life of great health, happiness and wellbeing.


Too many women across the globe are neglecting their passions, interests and needs. We know why in most circumstances, because they have devoted themselves to their families, their children, their partner, their work…all at the expense of themselves. 


My coaching has shown me a taste of the impact this is having on women, the magnitude of this is definitely a lot bigger than I have seen. 


So, to give women the opportunity to embrace their passions, hobbies and interests I have created Find Your Passion Day. A day where women across the world are being given the start to embrace and live their passion for the day. 


No guilt, no shame, no judgement, no lack of time – just the simple pleasure of doing, starting or trying their much desired passion that they have struggled to do. 


I hope with this gentle start that women everywhere will feel the immense joy, connection and growth they get from doing their passion for one day that it will create a movement of women everywhere embracing that passion within them. 


Will you join in the fun of Find Your Passion Day – November 16th, 2018. 


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my mission

  • Inspire women to find that passion that lights their soul.
  • Change the way women feel about and see themselves
  • Encourage women to value themselves as passionate, capable beings
  • Celebrate ourselves and our abilities to achieve anything
  • Empower mothers to be role models to their families and show them that everything is possible
  • Help women pursue their goals and dreams, no matter what they are.
  • Enable women to have fun, be free and love their life without shaming, guilt or angst. 

my vision

  • Women across the world are calmer, healthier and happier from embracing their passion
  • Women feel part of the community and connected with others through their passions
  • Guilt, time and ability are no barrier to what women can achieve.
  • Women love them for themselves and embrace their passionate abilities. 
  • Women are celebrating themselves and other women

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