Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wellness Coaching and how does it work?


Wellness Coaching is a holistic approach where we work together to look at you as a ‘whole’. We look at every area of your life to unravel what makes you thrive – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Wellness Coaching can make a big difference in your personal and professional life including your health, fitness, social connections and everyday life.


We talk about what you would like to be different in your life, your wellness or your career/business.


Coaching is a facilitative role because ideas that you come up with, will mean more to you (than the ones that I come up with). And you are the only person who knows you best and what works for you.


How do you run your coaching sessions?


I conduct my client coaching sessions online through Zoom or Skype. I arrange face-to-face sessions with my Melbourne based clients who prefer face-to-face. If you are Melbourne based check out my workshops , it’s a good way to see my style and work in action.


How do I know if you are the right coach for me?


The most important factor in a coach-client relationship is that there is a strong connection. The best way to establish if we are a good fit is to book in for a free consultation call.


If we are not a good fit (and that is completely fine), I can refer you to other coaches who maybe more suited.


I am confused by what I want to focus on and change in my life, is this a problem?


You don’t need to come to our coaching session with all the answers. My role as a coach is to work with you to bring clarity and find what you need during our sessions.


Before our first session, I will conduct a pre-profiling questionnaire and doing this process alone will bring about a lot of self-awareness and discovery around who you are, what is important to you and what you desire. During our sessions we will drill down further into the findings of the questionnaire.


I feel nervous about the process, is this normal?


Improving your health and wellbeing requires some form of action. Change can feel challenging but the rewards from each session will outweigh the discomfort. There will be times when you will feel uncomfortable because you will be getting to the heart of what you really desire but you will see your confidence grow and world change.


How do I know which individual coaching program to choose?


Take into account your time, your energy and financial situation together with the level of commitment you wish to take. No matter which program you choose you will still yield amazing results and have a developed action plan for change and growth.


You need to decide whether you need the added accountability each week or whether you are self-motivated enough to continue after a single or deep dive sessions. You can also add additional sessions to any coaching program.


Are your coaching sessions only for individuals?


My coaching programs are for individuals, business owners, couples and groups. Simply contact me and we can tailor a program specifically to you and your needs.