Exercising with purpose – why do you want to exercise?

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Exercising with purpose – why do you want to exercise?

If there is one piece of advice I will give anyone who is starting out with an exercise program, it is to identify why do you want to exercise. And more specifically why you’re choosing that type of exercise. When thinking about why, we typically revert to the obvious answers like lose weight or feel good. But I am asking you about your why, behind your why. Your deep intrinsic motivators.

Knowing why you want to exercise is an important factor particularly at those times when it feels tough or you are not motivated. Being able to come back to your purpose will rejuvenate your confidence and belief.

When I started running my motivation was fuelled by my desire to prove to myself that I could run. It drove me crazy each time I walked my local track that there were runners everywhere and I thought to myself why can’t I run. Till one day, my curiosity took over and I decided it was time to see what my body could do.

My purpose for running then was about challenging myself to do something I thought I couldn’t do. Then a few years later it became about the sense of achievement because slowly I would build up my distance, racing in fun runs, trying to beat my time and coming away with my heart full knowing that I worked my arse off to reach that goal.

Today and ten years on, my purpose for running is now about filling my cup to be fit and healthy for myself and my family. I run now because I love connecting my mind with my body and challenging myself harder than I ever have. My running purpose is about sharing with my daughter how living a happy and active lifestyle can transform you. And its being a role model to her that anything is possible.

Having a purpose to exercise was reflected in the results of a recent survey I conducted. Respondents showed that the main reason they started exercise was for weight loss and to be healthier. But today, the sense of achievement and doing something for themselves is what keeps them motivated to exercise.

So, if you are thinking of exercising or have just started and you are not feeling like you are progressing as well as you would like to be, here are some of my tips below:

Ask yourself;


  • Why do you want to exercise?


  • What do you love about your chosen exercise that makes you want to do it?


  • Out of all of the options, why is that exercise your chosen sport?


Next, you need to understand;


  • What do you want to get from exercising?


  • How do you want it to make you feel?


  • How can exercising enhance or improve your lifestyle?


Then you need to decide;

  • How you are going to embed it into your life?


  • What will an exercising lifestyle look to you?


Together with knowing these questions you can then use goal setting, planning and time management activities to help you successful start and stay exercising.

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