Eureka! I’m healthy and fit…now what?

Wellbeing journey

Eureka! I’m healthy and fit…now what?

There’s one thing I have learnt from own life and wellbeing journey that we will never reach a pinnacle end state. We will never get to the point that we yell out “Eureka! I’m here”.

Rather, you will experience “ah-ha” moments along the way and you will continue to progress and evolve.

As with breathing, you won’t stop until it stops.

Wellness coaching is a vehicle for helping people get to a new desired state.

I will support you in getting you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Typically, we work on a 12 week cycle with an end goal in mind that week by week we work towards, ticking off wins along the way. But, after the 12 weeks the learning and evolving does not just stop there.  

The beauty of wellness coaching is that you have gained new habits and routines in your life which are now long lasting.

You have created new behaviours which have become part of your existence.

Most importantly though you have generated a level of confidence which has allowed you to thrive and to keep thriving.

Kids are a great metaphor for change and growth.

I distinctly remember waiting in anticipation for my daughter to go through each phase of her life. I would think to myself that if I can get through this stage, things will be better. I have learnt that there is no end to each phase. It is just that a new phase is born and with it is new challenges. New hurdles to get over but it always becomes clear that both of us have grown and learnt from the phases before.

It takes time and practise to create new habits and again my daughter has taught me this well. When she first started toilet training and beyond it was challenging to get her to wash her hands. It was always a fight with lots of negotiation. Now at four, when she forgets to wash her hands she laughs and tells me she forgot to wash her hands and so sweetly and innocently goes and does it like she’s been doing it forever.

Don’t get attached too much to the outcome but rather enjoy the process of the change.

Embrace the new learnings, the challenges and the journey you are taking to reach your desired level of optimal health.


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