Business Lessons to Power up your Mind

Business Lessons to Power up your Mind

“Start spreading the news…” Frank Sinatra blares the Verrazzano bridge, where 50,000 runners are crossing the start line for the New York City Marathon.

I was lucky enough on November 5th 2017 to be one of those runners.

It wasn’t a life long dream, it was simply something I dreamt about when I ran my first marathon in 2013. It was a wish list item. I didn’t even think about doing as I was certain my first marathon would be my last. Little did I know, that New York would be my fourth and the one that made me really appreciate just how far I had come in my running. Natalie Moore Be Moore

Running, its an all weather sport. I used to only run when the temperature was perfect, no wind, not too hot, not too cold just spot on. Living in Melbourne, that is an impossible feat.

I soon learnt if I wanted to run and improve, I needed to run any time and in any weather. Once you have mastered the ability to run comfortably and you are actually enjoying it, running becomes the challenge of the mind. Like anything, it is easy to get comfortable running the same pace, the same track at the same time. But to take it that next step, you’ve got to shake it up. Look for ways to challenge your thinking and mindset that you can actually run further, faster and in any weather.


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


This is a mindset skill I have had to exercise and develop in running a business too. Exercising the mind takes time, practise and patience. It is a skill which you need to continue to work on and develop. At any moment you could be faced with the negative nancy dictating your feelings and actions.


The way we think, effects the way we feel which effects the things we do.


I entered life as a full time business owner, somewhat naive as to what it would take mentally to own and operate a business. I thought if I had the skill, experience, passion and drive that the rest would come. And yes these are vital components but your mind has to be with you. Much like my running, I have had to create a routine around training my mind from meditation, to journalling, affirmations and creating goals. All things that I have learnt and developed and embedded into my life so that I can be mentally, emotionally and spiritually in this business process.

Similarly, had I not gotten over the “perfect running weather” syndrome, I never would have created a mindset of being able to run marathons. Funny enough, every marathon I have run has rained. Each time it happens it reminds me that I can only control what I can control. And again, I have applied this mindset to my business.

We weather many storms and rainbows in business at any time. And we have to be mentally prepared to see them through. We can control how we show up to a market and clients, we can control our messages and the products we offer. We can not control however, if they will buy from us or what our competitors are up to. We just need to focus on what we are trying to achieve, our why and purpose and keep spreading our message.

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