Permission Granted… 1 simple step to do what you want to do

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Permission Granted… 1 simple step to do what you want to do

I was recently introduced to Brene Brown’s concept of permission slips and I instantly loved the idea!

I am a bit of a goody to shoes when it comes to doing the right thing, even in adulthood I feel like I am looking for instruction from somebody to give me the OK to do something.

I distinctly remember when I first had my daughter, I craved permission to wake her up, put her to bed, feed her formula, give her breast milk, change her nappy before her feed, after her feed. I wanted that fairy godmother to say “Yes! You can do that”


Reality is there is no fairy godmother, we all know that! There is definitely support out there from others who have trekked the early motherhood path before us. But then you reach toddler stage and the support dissipates. Crickets! Nada! Zippo!


So, I have particularly in the last few months with having a Three-nager and working for myself full time, been struggling with the mindset as to what is right and what is wrong and then getting in my own way of just doing what I want to be doing.


So enter, Brene Brown’s permission slip and here I am giving myself permission to do everything I want to do…


Some of my permissions I am giving myself are…


  • You can start coaching other mums in health and wellness
  • You can enjoy life working for yourself
  • You can put yourself out to the world and share everything you believe in and help others.
  • You can make your dream come true and make this a viable career option


We are the only ones who can create the life we want for ourselves. We can make our dreams come true. No matter how busy or chaotic our life may seem or is. We can make subtle changes in it to align ourselves with what is important to us.


As Jon Kabat Zinn says “the perfect moment is this one” so give yourself permission to make the most of it.

Below is my permission slip, you can use this one or create your own. It doesn’t matter the most important this is that you are giving yourself permission.

What will you give yourself permission to do?


I am listening (audible books) to Brene Browns book Braving the Wilderness, which has some great insights on chasing your dreams.