Become who you dream of becoming

Become who you dream of becoming

“To live is to grow” – Tony Robbins. 

November 5th, 2017 will forever be etched in my memory as a moment of great achievement, success, happiness and growth. 

It will be remembered as the day when I truly felt what it was like to achieve a life changing goal. 

On November 5th, I ran the New York City Marathon. For those who do not run, it is probably the worlds greatest marathon. 50,000 runners from 125 countries with 1.2 million spectators lining the streets of New York. 

It will forever be one of the most incredible experiences of my life. For me this was more than just a run. It was more than just my fourth marathon. It was an opportunity to make a huge impact on my life. 

To give you some background, I started running 10 years ago in my mid 20s when I was looking for a hobby. Some activity to keep me fit and healthy, I chose running. I chose running, because I thought I couldn’t run. I was always so envious of others who could run whist I walked my local track. So I made the decision to give it a go. It was tough and challenging but I was determined to not give up. And slowly I built up pace and distances and before I knew it I was running in fun run events. Until I eventually decided to run my first marathon. This was four years ago. Running my first marathon introduced me to the profound impact achieving goals can have on your life. 

Fast forward to today and I am now a four time marathon runner. Friends, family or anyone who will listen always tell me I’m crazy. “I don’t drive that far”, they’d say. But rather I tell myself that I am motivated, challenged and determined to grow as a person both mentally and physically by running that 42.2km distance. 

The New York Marathon was a particularly challenging one because of the non-typical circumstances I’ve had to encounter for this marathon – the travel required to get there, the money spent to have a 3 week holiday and the intense training program I was given by my running coach. I had never used a coach before but I decided that if I am doing NYC Marathon this is going to be my best one yet. And although I didn’t achieve a PB, it definitely was my best one and probably will remain that way for years to come. 

I had to overcome mental challenges when I had the slightest niggle throughout my training. I managed to sustain my training without fault whilst being a mother and wife. I was focused on managing good eating and lifestyle habits. I lived and breathed this marathon through sacrifice and commitment. I had spent 12 months mentally, emotionally and physically prepping myself for this run. And it was 12 months well worth it. 

You hear often from people who have set goals and achieved them that they are left feeling empty. I too have probably experienced this same fate, I am sure I have. But the achievement of this goal has not left me with this feeling. Rather it has left me feeling fulfilled, inspired, deeply grateful and beyond happy. Tony Robbins talks often about our pursuit of our goals and how we should focus on what we will become rather than what we will get. This was a critical focus of mine leading up to this marathon goal and I am certain this is why I feel so energised and rejuvenated as a result. 

You see running this marathon had a wider purpose for me. I wanted to use this experience as a basis for a book I wish to write. I also spent each week sharing a blog on my progress with the idea that it just might inspire someone to set their own running or life goal. And I wanted to prove to others that anyone can do this, even a mum like me who found her sporting hobby later in life. To live out this goal I had to become an inspiration to others, I had to live with passion and purpose and I had to love my life and myself. 

Who do I need to become? 

If you have a goal or a dream but you are unsure if or how to work on achieving it, believe me there is a way.

Below are some of my tips on how you can focus on who you need to become in pursuit of your goals;

– Write a list of the traits, behaviours and habits you need to start, stop or do more of in pursuit of your goal. 

– Start to focus on what you have and have done already. A gratitude journal is great for this and writing in it each day is a great way to help build an abundance mindset. 

– Understand your personal values and purpose of this goal. Why do you want to achieve this goal? 

– Understand how you want to feel as a result of achieving this goal – visualisation and manifestation is a fantastic way to help you understand what achieving this goal will bring you.