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Have you lost your way with eating?

Do you find yourself completely overwhelmed by what you should be eating?

Do you find confusion and lack of preparation time has you turning for convenient, unhealthier options?


If you would love to get back to basics with your eating and take charge of your health then this webinar is for you.

Join Wellness & Lifestyle Coach Natalie Moore & Dietician Camilla Dahl for our Simple Nutrition Tips for Busy Parents.

With so many different diets, eating challenges and ideas of how we should eat it can get confusing to know what we should be eating.

Especially as a parent, we are juggling so many roles and we are trying to nourish multiple mouths with healthy eating – it can get confusing and tiring!

This webinar will get you back to basics with what healthy eating is and how you can get back to eating the best options for you and our family.

You will also learn how to make healthy eating an automatic behaviour so you do not have to constantly think and question your ideas on what you should be eating.


Feeling inspired to get back and motivated to get back to basics with your eating. You will start your back to basics eating for long term health with the tools and knowledge shared with you on the night


Learn about common health problems associated with nutrition.

Learn what healthy eating is and get back to basics. 

Understand portion sizes and daily requirements.

Learn how to cook vegetables.

Healthy Swap Options

Understand why eating healthier is important to you.

Learn proven techniques to help you make healthy eating part of your daily life. 


Live Q&A with a qualified Dietician and Health and Wellness Coach

A activity workbook to work through during or after the webinar

Access to a closed supportive Facebook 


Camilla is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice,
Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Biomedical Science. Her passion lies in helping people
in a journey to feel healthier, live healthier and to embrace mental and physical wellbeing for
themselves and their families. She believes that everyone can be their best and have more energy by
incorporating simple, healthy, great tasting food and enjoyable physical activity into their busy lives
no matter who they are!. This isn’t always easy to do, that’s why she is here to help guide them.

Natalie Moore is a certified Health and Wellness coach who helps women create new habits in their life so they can start to prioritise their health and wellbeing.

She is passionate about coaching women on creating healthy habits into their life so that they can thrive for themselves and their family.

Nutrition for Parents