Be Fearlessly You

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Be Fearlessly You

“80 percent of success is showing up” – Woody Allen

One of the biggest compliments I tend to get from people is that I fear nothing. They tell me I throw myself into something and just give it a go, with no fear.

This is a compliment to me because it tells me that I am living my truth.

When I started my business, I never wanted to be a martyr or thought of myself as someone inspiring. What I have always wanted to do was be fearless in pursuit of my goals and dreams.

And I feel so humbled when people acknowledge my fearlessness.

A few years ago I didn’t feel so fearless. I found myself living the traditional route of life. I was married, had a child, a dog, working for the man and being the good housewife.

But I spent every day with this yearning feeling that life was passing me by. Every day my inner voice became louder and louder and it grinded at me to seek more.

I grappled with this for a while because how dare I feel this turmoil inside when I was living the good life, the life that some people don’t even get to experience.

But I realised that these whispers were not coming to me out of ego or ungratefulness, they were coming because I was not living my true potential.

I had buried my dreams and ambition to “just” live and my inner voice was telling me that it doesn’t need to be the end state for me.

So I set one audacious goal about revamping my career and chasing my unfulfilled dreams and as they say the rest is history.

What I discovered about what is possible changed my life, it broadened my perspective and introduced me to greater meaning, fulfilment and wellbeing. And what’s more I quit a unhappy job and now work with others to bring about their own passion.

The way to do this is to look deep within yourself and truly understand where you are today and where you would love to go. Here are my top tips of doing just that.

  1. Reconnect with yourself – get out of your head and into your body. What is it telling you? What do you need? What do you crave? This process is about quietening the mind and tuning into what excites and drives you.
  2. You are not who you think you are – We have spent our whole life building our set of beliefs through our genetics, our experiences and our thought patterns. We have conjured up beliefs, real or perceived and we have let these take over our ability to see what is possible without fear. What beliefs do you have? What holds you back?
  3. Discover the real you – For us to chase our dreams we need to understand who we are. What is important to us? What we value and what we truly want? Here we need to break through the BS and truly engage with the real you.
  4. And your mission is – Simply Putting your dreams and goals out in the world, written or verbally takes courage. It requires you to let of vulnerability, let go of fear, disconnect from the outcome and simply just dream. Once you give yourself permission to let go and dream, you open up to the idea that it is possible.


Natalie Moore is a Melbourne based Mindset Coach on a mission to help people find greater passion and purpose to bridge the gap between where their life is today and where they want to be. She helps people be fearless in pursuit of their dreams and build confidence, strength and commitment to know that anything is possible. You can learn more about Natalie here