Ariane Bingham

What should we know about you?
I’m originally from the UK, having relocated to Melbourne in 2009. I have a dog called Bonobo, who is a fluffy white Pomm X
What was your greatest hobby, passion or pass time as a child? 
Anything to do with arts and crafts! I learnt to sew at a young age with my mum and nana – but I didn’t make a commitment to do it until my late teens. Before then I would enjoy woodwork, Clay, glass, photography… all mediums
Do you think your childhood passion has played a part in shaping you today?
Absolutely. To have been given the freedom to create and spend time reaching my capabilities of each Medium is very liberating
Did you put any expectations on yourself growing up when it came to your hobbies or passions?
Never. Though I did reach an age where I thought it was safer to follow my passions through other companies and to work for someone else. My fear was being self employed and how that could possibly work.
Tell us a bit about your passion today
My passions have evolved in the same way I have. The narrative for me is to now ensure others feel comfortable in their bodies through my art- something my young brain just would not have been able to imagine. This passion and drive has evolved through the amazing clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Experiencing people at their most vulnerable and being able to help prepare them for an occasion is very special. This is a connection I never had when working full time for other brands. 
What motivates and drives you to keep this passion alive?
Seeing how working with a client can prepare them for an occasion… helping them change their feelings of an event from nervousness to excitement.  What you wear can mean so much to people and helping others to feel comfortable in their bodies for an occasion is a great honour. 
What is one thing you would love other women to know about finding, creating or living your passion?
You don’t need savings in the bank and there is never the right time. Chip away at things on the side for a while if you can’t fully commit, but start today. Put pen to paper and don’t pause your dreams or ambition for other reasons. If your heart tells you to work on it, find a way to do so bit by bit. And remember, it won’t be perfect at the beginning, but that’s ok if it’s authentically you and what you believe in… that’s what people buy into, not a fancy logo.
Do you have any advise for other women to help them find or create their passion?
Don’t be closed to it only working one way. Be open to evolution, responding to what your customers or clients need and learning that there is a place for your work. Be open to how that looks. I should’ve listen to this advise myself – it is hard when we can be so focused on the end goal we set ourselves that sometimes we can miss the amazing opportunities along the way
Ariane owns and operates Ariane Bingham Sparkles – where sequins and lycra run wild, and The Lioness and Her Unicorns – the home of her Corsetry, Bridalwear and most recently Eco Recycled Plastic Swimwear.
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