Amanda Campbell

What should we know about you?
I am about to turn 39, I am a twin sister to Nicole and we are identical. She is the yang (the eyebrow tattooist) and I am the yin (the Kinesiologist). My partner Scott and I live with our fur babies Henry the black pug who is 9, and Stella who is a Havanese and she is 14.
What is a day in the life of you?
A day in the life of me starts with a natural wake up of 6:30/7am. I cook up a breakfast for my partner and I, whilst listening to music to freshen my mindset and I love to move every morning. Some days I just walk with the dogs or stretch at home. Other days I go to pilates, yoga or functional training. I love the mix of restorative with strength and endurance. I then head to work to my clinic in Glen Iris. I will have a day of clients or I’ll be working on my book or marketing my speaking and workshops with my team. The evening is pretty low key cooking dinner, or out with my girlfriends who I treasure like diamonds. Bed by 9-10pm reading or watching Netflix.
What was your greatest hobby, passion or pass time as a child? 
Music – I had a huge passion to sing and write my own music. Nicole and I studied musical theatre and dance and we leaned in pretty hard throughout our 20’s in the music scene. We just loved every second of it.
Did you put any expectations on yourself growing up when it came to your hobbies or passions?
I have always been very hard on myself, which has stopped me from following my joy. It was only when I lost everything including my health that this changed. When I had no choice but to succeed I had to find a new approach to get better results. This led difficult time to me to understand and redefine what was truly important to me. Keeping it simple and stripping it all back always led me to my passion, success and optimal health.
Tell us a bit about your passion today
My passion is to empower busy women and men, to optimise their physical and mental health. It is not enough to just recite affirmations and eliminate stress. Seek joy! As this will not only maximise productivity and happiness but it will build inner resilience and health in your life.
What motivates and drives you to keep this passion alive?
My health, when I am in my joy my health is at its best. When I am not I literally get weakness, loss of motor skills and MS symptoms that stop me in my tracks.
What are some of the challenges you have faced or do face in pursuing your passion? How have you overcome these?
Believing in myself. It has always come down to being my own mentor and best friend. For me this is always been my challenge and I aim to master it.
What is one thing you would love other women to know about finding, creating or living your passion?
It is effortless and what sparks your joy will lead you there. Life can be easy it doesn’t always have to be a hustle.
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