How to feel good

Helping you raise your happiness while you continue to raise happy, healthy kids.


The truth is you deserve to be happy. 


And you have what it takes to be happy. 


At Be Moore I am shining a light on growing a deep sense of  happiness, where your passions, dreams and wishes can come alive. 


I work with women who are ready to strip back the layers and prioritise themselves and their happiness.


Think of me as your greatest support inspiring you to  rediscover YOU and what you want from life. 



The outcome – a happy, healthy and balanced life.  

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Wellness Coach for Mums

Hi Lovely, I am Natalie Moore

After years in the corporate world living the ambitious, care free life I realised I had truly lost myself, the moment I became a mother. 


I loved my role as a wife and mother, albeit hard at times but I was also grappling with a burning desire that there had to be more to life. 


I was feeling lost somewhere between who I was before and who I thought I should be, now that I was a mum. 


My mind was divided by wanting to be a good mother, whilst trying to be a good worker in a world where perfectonism is rife. 


Sound familiar?


In 2016, after a journey of self-discovery and deep learning about myself, I re-ignied a dream to start my own business helping other women who were feeling the same lost and unhappy feelings.


I became a new woman and an even better mum and wife. 


I have now dedicated my life to helping women find themselves, tap into their passion and be happy and healthy, all whilst they still continue to nurture the health and happiness of their family. 

What women are saying

Since meeting Natalie, I have learnt valuable skills and now have more time to do the things I love like going to the gym and spending quality time with my family. Natalie taught me how to experience more passion and enjoyment in my job. I highly recommend Natalie, she has changed my life.
- Meagan
I am so happy and have a strong path to follow after my sessions with her. She has a lot of knowledge and is passionate about helping others, especially mums finding themselves after having children!
- Haylee
I cannot express how happy I am that I spent time with Natalie coming up with an action plan for me to make small changes in my life to help achieve the long term goals I want to smash.
- Simone

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