My Story

Natalie Moore

Health & Wellness Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker, Runner, Mum

Hello, I am Natalie. I am a mum, a wife, a business owner and a woman who is juggling many hats in this busy life.

It is the crazy busy life as a mum that has propelled my desires and love for helping other mums find themselves to embrace a passion, hobby and love for life.

I have not always been this passionate about the pursuit of happiness but since becoming a mother and going through the roller coaster of emotions, loss of identity and juggling my life with family life I have made significant pathways to ensure I am living the happiest, healthiest and fulfilling life I can.

I felt lost and I yearned for more out of my life.My life was monotonous, it was boring, it was draining and I could really feel that I was not living life to my fullest potential. I loved being a mother and caring for my family, but I hated what it had done to the other areas in my life. I had the perception that I wasn’t entitled to have anything else in my life now that I was a mother.

And the feeling of guilt held me back until I discovered how truly living changing having a passion and purpose in life is.

I made a huge career change and started my own business. I discovered Health and Wellness Coaching and more importantly I learnt how to invest in myself again

There is so much information and support for new mothers and in their role as a mum. But there is no “how to” guide to look after yourself as a woman. So I discovered I had a passion for empowering and motivating other women to look after the woman behind the mum.

I believe that we can all live the life we want to live, without limits. I help women gain clarity and a vision for the woman they want to be, how it can be obtained from current circumstances and how it can be used to achieve your greatest desires and dreams.

Natalie Moore

My mission

My mission is to inspire you, yes you mums to find that hobby, that passion, that pass time, that thing that you absolutely love that sets your heart and soul on fire so you can be the woman and mother you want to be! 

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