My Story

Hello, I am Natalie Moore, a passionate advocate for encouraging women to live a happy and healthy life. I am a mother, a wife, business owner, runner and an all round challenge seeker.


I have not always been this passionate about the pursuit of happiness but since becoming a mother and going through the roller coaster of emotions, loss of identity and juggling my life with family life I have made significant pathways to ensure I am living the happiest, healthiest and fulfilling life I can.


Two years ago I returned to work post maternity leave and the working mum juggle was real. I had turned into a walking, talking robot who would do the same thing day in day out, sun up to sun down. I was constantly living in the future with no respect or regard for the present moment. My life was monotonous, it was boring, it was draining and I could really feel that I was not living life to my fullest potential. I loved being a mother and caring for my family, but I hated what it had done to the other areas in my life. I had the perception that I wasn’t entitled to have anything else in my life now that I was a mother. And worst still I was constantly stressed and it was hidden stress. It was stress from the life juggle and not having a purpose or passion that I owned and lived.


How wrong I was and I soon realised how damaging this thought process could be. So there had to be a change and it had to be a change that was going to create an impact on my feelings, on my mind and on my body. I made the informed decision to chase my dream of having my own business and I soon took that leap, with life changing results.


Creating this new version of myself opened my eyes and mind to a new world of happiness and fulfillment. I had become a serious goal setter to achieve my dreams. I became more ambitious. I craved knowledge. I craved challenges and I soon realised what I wanted from this beautiful life and what I wanted to do with it. It showed me that life is about making changes, trying new things and looking after yourself no matter what role we have.


From here I have since had a drive and willingness to share my learning and my new found meaning of true happiness and so Be Moore was born.


Be Moore has enabled me to bring all of my experience to my workshops to ensure I am delivering the most worthwhile and entrusting content. Whether it’s from my qualifications in business, training and wellness, my work experience in sales, marketing, customer service or my personal experience in developing and running my other small business Running Fit Box, I believe I can assist you in chasing a truly happy, fulfilling and empowered life.


I believe that we can all live the life we want to live, without limits. I help women gain clarity into what true happiness is, how it can be obtained from current circumstances and how it can be used to achieve your greatest desires and dreams.


Natalie Moore