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Workplace Coaching

Natalie’s 20 year working career in client/customer facing, leadership and relationship building roles has given her the skills and knowledge to know how to bring out the best in people within their jobs and workplaces.


My programs are about creating a safe, engaged working environment for your workplace and employees. I work with workplaces to create a custom designed program that is going to improve the overall well-being of your team, increase satisfaction levels, encourage more engagement and nurture an environment of higher performance.


Each workplace is unique with its own purpose and vision. Similarly, each employee has their own strengths, values and career desires, that I will design and deliver a program that best keeps these traits at the forefront. My programs help individuals thrive in their job through having meaning and by bringing a sense of themselves into what they do.


The return on investment is well worth the experience. By responding to the challenges faced by employees you will foster an environment of more engagement, happiness, health and higher levels of commitment and productivity.


My workplace coaching programs can will help your teams to

  • Understand their strengths, passions and interests
  • Explore a sense of purpose within their work
  • Express their unique skills as part of a team
  • Build self-confidence, satisfaction, productivity & motivation
  • Create engaged teams to help individuals feel valued and aligned with the bigger picture
  • Nurture an environment of employees who “own” job and tasks
  • Improve mindset of individuals to embrace personal growth and development
  • Manage stress and overwhelm
  • Feel more energetic and inspired about their work and workplace
  • Help employees build innovativeness, adaptability and performance
  • Bring their best selves to work each day
  • Learn to engage in thought provoking, actionable communication
  • Apply relationship management and communication skills with a range of people that promote integrity, respect, trust and connection.
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