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Having had an extensive work experience working within various client/customer facing roles, Natalie thrives most when she is working to bring out the best in people, particularly within themselves, their work and their life.


Natalie’s hand on “people” facing work has given her the skills to understand and draw upon people’s strengths, their values, purpose and their passions. With her training experience together with her marathon running, she understands what it takes to achieve lifelong goals and live a passionate life of purpose.


Coaching will help you:


  • Identify your strengths and values
  • Provide clarity of your future life, career, business direction
  • How to improve your mindset for confidence and motivation
  • Develop in your life with meaning and purpose
  • Rediscover you and what you enjoy and want from life
  • Get clear on what makes you happy
  • Inject a feeling of energy, calm and balance into your life
  • Go from surviving to thriving.

What is Wellness Coaching?


To explain what coaching really means, I will work with you to support you to achieve your goals, but as a partner rather than professional who tells you what to do.


Coaching is more of a facilitative role and the reason for this is that the ideas that you come up with, will mean more to you than the ones that I deliver!! After all, you are really the only person who knows the details of your life and what might work for you.


Wellness coaching can help you make big differences in your life whether its in your career, personal health and fitness, social connections or everyday life.

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What women are saying?

I cannot express how happy I am that I spent time with Natalie coming up with an action plan for me to make small changes in my life to help achieve the long term goals I want to smash.
I am so happy and have a strong path to follow after my sessions with her. She has a lot of knowledge and is passionate about helping others, especially mums finding themselves after having children!