We all have the ability to live life to its happiest, fullest potential but a simple bit of guidance is required to set you in the right direction.

I will draw upon my experience and qualifications in business, health and wellbeing, mindfulness as well as my personal experience of someone who has lived and been challenged by the Mum Life Juggle.

Join a Be Moore Workshop today to Be More You!

You will be equipped with tools, practises and insights that will inspire wellness and overall health and happiness.

Be Moore Workshops

Moore You with Stress Workshop

Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 PM - 9 PM

Stress is around us everywhere. It is conjured up by the external and internal factors which effects us. As mums, raising children, managing a household, working and all the other hats we have can cause all levels of stress.

Do you understand how stress manifests in your life? Are you aware of how stress effects you?

Have you ever thought of how stress can be used for good?

How it can be used to promote change, bring on opportunity and help you Be More You.

This workshop will help you understand stress, become familiar with how you respond with stress and how you can embrace stress for a positive, balanced life.

Join Natalie Moore of Be Moore Workshops and Sonia Zammit, Cliniical Psychologist for an interactive and informative workshop.



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